CMJ 2004 Wrap-Up

We’re finally done with the rock and roll hangover known as CMJ. For four nights, every cool venue in the city was filled with hipster college kids dying for VICE internships. but Stereogum managed to sneak in to a few noteworthy gigs.

Some highlights, along with newly-uploaded shitty photos and MP3 links…

Read my rave review here. If that’s not good enough for you, NY Times reviews here. They’ll be back in the city next month. Get yr tix!

Download: The Arcade Fire – “Neighborhood #3″ (Power Out)

The gifted singer-songwriter did an early evening set at Living Room on Friday (thanks Chip for the heads up). Joseph could teach Mr. Barlow a thing or twelve about proper use of that loop pedal. Best part: a crunchy, slowed-down cover of “There Is A Light That Never Goes Out” (that I will try to track down for you).

Download: Joseph Arthur – “Can’t Exist”

I only caught the end of their set, but I really enjoyed it. The last song sort of reminded me of the Police. Check out their official site for more.

Download: Helio Sequence – “Everyone Knows Everyone”

Dressed like swans, Sufjan and Co. had the hippie girls in tears at the Asthmatic Kitty showcase. I should also mention his super hott xylo player/backup vocalist. She looks like Josie Pussycat in the pic I took. If you’re not averse to wussy folk, pick up Seven Swans, certain to make my Top 10 CDs Of 2004 list. He’ll be playing NY next month too.

Download: Sufjan Stevens – “Sister”

Low’s Saturday after-midnight show at Mercury (I need a Mercury break … I was there four nights in a row) was more rockin’ than I expected, and drew heavily from The Great Destroyer, out on Sub Pop in January. Marcus said they did “Dinosaur Act” when I stepped out for some air. Sucks for me. Sort of regretting not going to Twilight Singers at Irving instead.

Download: Low – “Sunflower”

If your not all concerted-out, tonight the show to see is psych-rock throwbacks Dungen, 8pm at Other Music. It’s free, so get there mad early. Nick says they’re “reeeeeeeeal Sweedish.”

Download: Dungen – “Ta Det Lugnt”

Finally, KEXP hosted some cool live events during CMJ, and you can stream them here.