Ben Gibbard & Jay Farrar @ The El Rey Theatre & KCRW Studio, Los Angeles 10/23/09

Master thespian Ben Gibbard brought his Jack Kerouac-celebrating collaboration with Jay Farrar to Los Angeles on a busy Friday which had the pair (along with Death Cab resident beard Nick Harmer) record a session for KCRW before headlining a show at the El Ray with Long Winter main mind John Roderick in the early slot. The kind folks at KCRW allowed our photographer Andrew Youssef to shoot the session, during which Gibbard mentioned he’d be playing a solo set in LA on 11/21 for a benefit organized by Tim Robbins, before AY took in the sold-out El Ray set. More bits: Roderick mentioned a new Long Winters album is on its way soon, and Gibbard reminded everyone they were convened in honor of Kerouac. But you already knew that. Check the Gibbard/Farrar podcast here, click through the photospread below.