Adem Covers Low

When we showed you Fridge bassist Adem Ilhan strumming-out dEUS’s “Hotellounge (Be the Death of Me),” we made sure to mention the UK-based multi-instrumental crooner is also covering any number of indie rock classics (a dozen to be exact) for his third solo record, Takes. For the finale, long after Bedhead and PJ, and Pinback, and the Pumpkins, he does a delicate cover of Low’s “Laser Beam,” which you first heard on 2001’s Things We Lost In The Fire. Time flies.

Hey, that camera gets really close. Also, did you notice the pause on that marionette/monkey puppet? The camera person seems a tad listless. If you’re curious about more of Adem’s Takes, though, here he is doing Björk’s “Unravel” (ala Radiohead). Again, it’s a beaut.

Takes is out 6/3 in the US on Domino. It’s already out in the UK, also on Domino.

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