Jookabox – “Evil Nite”

David “Moose” Adamson, aka Jookabox, told us “Evil Nite” — “a song about the infection taking hold of a pure soul in limbo” — is an early version of “Zombie Tear Drops” from his Indianapolis crew’s Dead Zone Boys (Asthmatic Kitty, 11/3). We kept digging.

How did zombies inspire Dead Zone Boys?
[T]he record was inspired by the constant tug of war between light and shade. I want to be good, but there’s power in darkness. Varg Vikernes and fans of Star Wars know this. But the question(s) is can you balance the two, or is that possible, or if you dabble will you be in too deep before you can turn around. Will you wake up in jail and realize you actually murdered someone? … Zombies seem to be a nice metaphor for this idea … I feel like I’m downloading a disease that is making me immortal, but I’m turning into a grotesque version of myself in the process…
I was watching all these zombie movies, all the Romero things, of course, The Serpent And The Rainbow, Dead Alive, Evil Dead, 28 Days, Shaun of the Dead, The “Thriller” video, others. I was reading Walking Dead. On tour in Europe I heard a German woman sing “Zombie,” by the Cranberries. Her version was cracked and beautiful against the stale karaoke backing. I had forgotten how tight that song is. I was listening to Fela’s version a lot. If eight Army helicopters flew by, or, right after a ripping thunderstorm, I’d think, “OK, this is how it will be.”

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