All Apologies, Courtney Goes To Court

Seven months after accidentally clubbing a clubgoer with her mic at Plaid, Courtney Love has pled guilty to disorderly conduct. (Also, her “gynecological condition” is all better … thanks for asking!)

AP reports that the judge will seal her case after a year if Love pays the victim $2,336 (apparently the cost of head staples) and joins a drug treatment program. If Courtney violates these terms, she’ll be jarring prison-yard crabapple jam with Martha Stewart.

Court’s post-court comments: “I just wanted it to be over. I played a rock show. I didn’t do anything. I wasn’t on drugs. Playing a rock show had nothing to do with drugs.”

She was totally on drugs, as anyone who watched her Letterman appearance could tell you. Here is my photo blog entry from that wacky night.

Someone recently told me that in his final months Kurt Cobain wrote songs in the closet (with the lights out?) so Courtney couldn’t hear/steal them. I doubt it’s true, but it’s a great rumor.

With The Lights Out, the looong-awaited Nirvana box set, is out 11/23. It will contain 3 CDs (81 tracks of demos, alternative versions, radio sessions, etc..) and a DVD. It also has an official site:

Here’s an old Nirvana song called “Smells Like Te….

C’MON, y’all know Stereogum better than that! For reals now, here’s two left-field covers of “All Apologies.”

Kathryn Williams – “All Apologies”
Herbie Hancock – “All Apologies”