Leonard Cohen Just Played His First Show In 15 Years

After Leonard Cohen braved a shirtless Iggy, a shameless Madonna, and another “Hallelujah” cover at the 2008 Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame induction ceremony, we mentioned he was planning his first tour in 15+ years. Well, he got started early, playing a show this past Sunday in Fredericton, New Brunswick, and there’s video proof that he did a good job. He even mixes in some French (Montreal represent). He might not have his major lift anymore, and he looks a tad wobbly, but he still sounds great, is definitely still our man.


“I’m Your Man”

And, for all those Pump Up The Volume fans (i.e. everyone):

“Everybody Knows”

Leonard talking about prescription drugs

The videos are via DailySwarm, who directed us to this mighty set list identified by Leonard Cohen Files.

01 “Dance Me To The End Of Love”
02 “The Future”
03 “Ain’t No Cure For Love”
04 “Bird On The Wire”
05 “Everybody Knows”
06 “In My Secret Life”
07 “Who By Fire”
08 “Anthem”


09 “Tower Of Song”
10 “Suzanne”
11 “Gypsy Wife”
12 “Boogie Street”
13 “Hallelujah”
14 “Democracy”
15 “I’m Your Man”
16 “Take This Waltz”


17 “Heart With No Companion”
18 “So Long, Marianne”
19 “First We Take Manhattan”
20 “Closing Time”

[Photo by Charles Saindon]