U2’s “Disappearing Act,” “Yoshini Blossom” Unearthed On Deluxe Unforgettable Fire

Since U2 released Boy almost thirty years ago, Bono & Co. have never gone away, though their taste, aesthetic sense, songwriting chops, etc., have now and then. Which is why it’s especially informative (and fun) to visit “Get On Your Boots” before listening to “Disappearing Act” and “Yoshini Blossom,” two previously unreleased songs from the The Unforgettable Fire sessions that pop up on the remastered 25th Anniversary Edition of the collection. “Yoshini Blossom” is a dark instrumental with spry bass and an atmospheric sound that immediately evokes the collection without Bono uttering a syllable. His voice is very present on “Disappearing Act,” a moody anthem that reminds us “there is only one thing you need to own / and that is hunger.” Sage advice. And one of the things missing from more recent U2 outings.

Curious what “Yoshini Blossom” would sound like with vocals? Wonder no more.

And an EPK:

The Unforgettable Fire: 25th Anniversary Edition is out today via Mercury. The band’s Rose Bowl show was broadcast live on YouTube Sunday. If you missed it, it’s archived below.

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