New Norah Jones Video – “Chasing Pirates”

“My mind’s racing from chasing pirates” is the anchor to this track’s hook, and other piratey puns. You’d be fair to assume that’s a metaphorical line, unless you were this blogger couple. You’d also be wrong! Norah is actually chasing pirates on the streets of NYC, by consulting centuries old maritime maps, hoisting skull-and-crossboned sails, strapping on pirate boots and a era-appropriate skirt, and steering her charming apartment building (which is now a nautical vessel) through downtown traffic. Since Norah tends to sell more than, say Fool’s Gold, she was able to secure a reasonably competent director to translate her concept in Rich Lee aka the guy who did the effects for the Pirates Of The Carribean movies. The video’s not as ostentatious as that would suggest, though, just like the music itself isn’t the the all-out Mule Variations variation the album’s pre-release publicity advertised; it does join the song in being a good look for Norah Jones, though.

(via VH1)

The Fall is out 11/17 via Blue Note. More from the album: “It’s Gonna Be” recently got its live debut on Dancing With The Stars

…and “Young Blood” did so at an Apple conference. Still waiting on the Will Sheff and Ryan Adams co-written tracks.