New Ladytron Video – “Ghosts”

We were taken by the heavy, sinister buzz of Ladytron’s “Black Cat,” so how about their over-sized rabbit? The video for new Velocifero track finds the sharp-dressed gals and guys navigating a dusty desert(ed) landscape that includes plenty of shots of old shacks, cars, tires and the like, a friendly coyote, games of chicken, short skirts, high heels, long legs, and in a pivotal role, lots more of those aforementioned bunnies. (Our trips to the desert are often very similar to this video.) Also: Keep your eyes peeled for a Ladytron soup can, Warhol style. The song? Decent, and with a catchy chorus.

Those rabbits procreate like Gremlins. That car smashing sequence was a tad reminiscent of this. But classy.

Velocifero is out 6/3 via Nettwerk.

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