Julian Casablancas Visits The Tonight Show

Performing complexly synthesized compositions on record is one thing… I like the way Julian Casablancas lays his voice out over Phrazes For The Young’s electro backdrops, partially because it feels so insulated and obsessive, a man and his bed of keyboards, drum machines, guitars, etc., alone in the studio. Watching him do it live with a bunch of folks who aren’t the Strokes? Less exciting. (And points off for the drummer’s L.A. Dodgers hat. Ludlow Street’s in NYC, sir.) If you can look beyond an awkward beginning, things do click here/there in this thin-sounding take on “11th Dimension.” At the very least you can watch Casablancas do his deadpan robot dance.

Phrazes For The Young is out 11/3 via Cult/RCA. You can stream it at MySpace.