Ryan Adams Writes A Song, Feels Up Mandy Moore

Just when we were feeling the loss of Ryan’s Powered By Tumblr whoa-versharing, the internet steps up in a big way. First and music-most, D R Adams has written a song. In other news, today is Wednesday. But here’s the twist: since his blog is defunct, Ry’s free to write songs about stuff other than defending his blog. Stuff like, the news! In a song called “A Song In The News.” Which starts with a nice and ramshackle garage-y guitar progression and quickly drowns in lyrics that really should have been posted to his Tumblr page sans music (“A song in the news seems simple, when i cruise the words” … NO). We liked it better when he was writing the hits with stupid. You can listen at this player, which is streaming track bits from the Esopus Mag Spring ’08 sampler (thanks, FuelFriends).

Also, there the thing about Ryan grabbing some Moore at a comic book store, while also looking like Rick Moranis:

That shade of liveblog-blond looked so much better through your iSight, Ry. But whatever, we’re still staring at a wall blogging. Things seem to be going pretty OK for you.

[Pics via The Superficial, where you can find more.]