The Black Keys Find Late Night With Conan O’Brien To Be “Strange Times”

Late-show-performance post title puns can be hard work, but together we can continue to make it happen. Last time the Black Keys told Letterman “I Got Mine,” but this time it’s all about the “Strange Times,” clocking in at twice the tempo and with some fiery riffage. Again, what’s most interesting about these late night performances is the chance to check these Attack & Release tunes translated without Danger. Unsurprisingly the duo even bother attempting to replicate or rearrange for those ghostly moans and subtle aurals on the hook and half-time groove, but what they lack in live DM they make up for in ROCK, right people? Right.

We’ve long known Conan’s got great taste in music, but his accuracy at properly congratulating hipster faves is getting to be a little suspicious. Either he has a paige whispering bands’ cognoscenti status in his ear, or Conezy is totally a closet music blog reader. Either way, Conan you are so scene. Attack & Release is out via Nonesuch.