Odd Future – “Oldie” Video

At a recent Terry Richardson photo shoot — because of course they were at a Terry Richardson photo shoot — all the members of Odd Future, Earl Sweatshirt included, mobbed up to record a seemingly spur-of-the-moment music video for “Oldie,” the epic 10-minute posse cut that closes out their new album The O.F. Tape Vol. 2. The video is a lot of fun to watch, and it makes being a member of Odd Future look like even more fun. Best thing: Earl! Second-best thing: Frank Ocean can rap! Third-best thing: Jasper Dolphin: “I don’t know my verse!” Fourth-best thing: Left Brain’s Thor hammer. Lance Bangs directs, which makes me wonder how Corin Tucker feels about him hanging out with all these Odd Future kids. Watch it below.

The O.F. Tape Vol. 2 is out today on Odd Future Records, and it’s really good.