Alphabeat Cover Daft Punk

Alphabeat, that danceable, ’80s-loving Danish sextet, have promised us “10,000 Nights Of Thunder,” which is why covering Daft Punk’s “Digital Love” makes perfect sense: It takes care of at least one night … and this dream … and you. It showed up in our Inbox this AM and has been on repeat. As might be expected, it’s less digital, more warm and cuddly than the French duo’s take. That’s because there are more indie-pop hands on deck here, and they don’t wear space helmets.

Alphabeat – “Digital Love” (Daft Punk Cover) (MP3)

While we’re turning Daft Punk into an indie-pop band, how’s about transforming Alphabeat into something more electro? Here’s Bimbo Jones’s spankin’ new remix of “10,000 Nights.”

Just in time for Prom season.

This Is Alphabeat is out in May via EMI’s Charisma imprint. Neither the cover nor the remix are on it, but hey.