Black Keys Almost Apologize To Nickelback

On the last episode of this stirring drama, the Black Key’s called out Nickelback, saying that their music was “watered-down, post-grunge crap, horrendous shit” while generally expressing dismay at the modern establishment of “rock and roll.” But recently, MTV News asked the Black Keys if they were music snobs and Carney immediately starts talking about Nickelback. “I have a lot of friends and not one of them have a Nickelback record,” he says. But then he recants, kind of? “There are much worse bands than Nickelback.” Man, I thought we’d be hard-pressed to find a feud dumber than Azealia Banks vs. Kreayshawn but the prolonged existence of this particular story might just give it the edge. Watch the interview below.

Please make it stop.