New Weezer – “Heart Songs,” “Troublemaker,” & “Dreamin'”

For better or for worse (ok, mostly worse), tracks from Weezer’s LP6 are swishing around the web. This could explain why Interscope has pushed up the album’s release date a few weeks, from 6/24 to 6/3. Or maybe it’s just because you guys have pretty much hated what you’ve heard so far. Anyway, when we posted up that last batch of four Red Album tunes, we got the track titles messed up, thought we posted songs we didn’t, etc. So we fixed it over there, and now present you some new listens. “Heart Songs” starts today’s programming, and it reminds us of LFO’s “Summer Girls,” just with references to Springsteen and a cat named Stevens instead of girls of the summer and Abercrombie & Fitch. This isn’t a good thing.

“Heart Songs”

“These are my heart songs”? These songs are breaking our heart, Rivers. Thankfully, these next two are more in that “Pork & Beans” vein of being passably good.



Now that’s more like it, guys. Makes us wanna whip out that =w=. Expect a “Beverly Hills”-styled MTV push around “Troublemaker.” So the tracks are ranging from insufferably misguided to so-much-better-than-the-last-record. Maybe it’ll be enough to wash away some of Make Believe’s aftertaste (it won’t).

As mentioned, Weezer’s next one is out 6/3, via Interscope.

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