Brian Jonestown Massacre

Last night at Mercury Lounge…

ANTON: Well, why don’t you go to fuckin’ Amoeba Records and visit him? And while you’re there, buy a record so he doesn’t get fired!
AUDIENCE GIRL: (whispering to friend) I love provoking him.

Pretty good show. I left early ’cause I was sleepy (and Anton had his back to me the entire show, except for that one Kodak moment above). BJM are playing again tonight if you wanna check ‘em out. DIG! is still playing at Sunshine too.

Gotta love a band that gives away all its music for free.

Also, Mr. James Clasper reminds me:

Scott, Are you going to post a memorial to John Peel? He was the first mainstream DJ to play Pixies, the Ramones, the Fall, Joy Division, New Order, the Smiths, T-Rex, the White Stripes, and Radiohead. An unparalleled and utterly charming genius. Surely worthy of a Stereogum memorial.

Indeed. R.I.P. John. Some Peel Sessions for download…

  • The Fall
  • Sonic Youth
  • Ween
  • Beulah
    More random tracks here. And his favorite record: Undertones – “Teenage Kicks”