New Coldplay Video – “Violet Hill”

It’s finally here! The video you’ve been waiting for since yesterday, when first we were teased by the sartorial splendor that is the Coldplant. The clip, shot on location in Italy, has a few closely related conceits running through it: there’s the part where the band’s walking up a (violet!) hill, the part where they’re dusty in a marble courtyard, the part where Chris Martin would like you to know he has great teeth for a Brit, and so on. It’s dramatic (i.e. it’s a Coldplay video), but we think maybe we saw ‘em laughing at themselves in the middle somewhere?

Or maybe they just momentarily remembered how rich they are.

Like the song or not, this is beyond debate “Violet Hill” has the worst middle 8, like, ever. Ironically, it’s one of the most charming parts of the video. We probably can’t cred Eno for that, but we will anyway.

Viva La Vida Or Death And All His Friends is out 6/12 via Capitol.

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