New White Williams Video – “Violator”

Smoke came out some time ago. Don’t tell White Williams that, though, because recently the sharp-dressed, well-coiffed BTW has been coming up with videos for the album like it’s a brand new puppy. A couple weeks ago we had the cut-and-paste cinema of “New Violence.” In the clip for “Violator,” there are less dancing cops, but more dancing White Williamses along with slow-spreading ink spills, paper animation, magic rings, handcuffs, licorice ropes, black balloons, black leather, and sundry other dark-hued props.

We’re not entirely sure what that all adds up to, but it made us think of Depeche Mode, not just because of the title or leather jackets. Also, the reason for all this WW activity, it seems, is that Smoke is now available in the UK via Domino. See that, a whole new set of fans to woo.

Smoke is out in the US via Tigerbeat6 and in the UK via Domino.