Howse – “VBS”

Last year was a banner one for Tri Angle Records. In part because last year was the first full year for Tri Angle Records, yes, but also its releases were much-discussed: Clams Casino, Balam Acab, Holy Other, How To Dress Well, oOoOO, etc. all stamped out varying shades on a similarly sterling murk-pop production aesthetic. This year’s brought Evian Christ, and now it’s Howse, again the sort of shit to soundtrack fucked-up dream sequences, only now with significantly faster BPMs, as if one of the roster’s artists migrated to the midwest and steeped that dark haze in lots of Chicago juke. (Note, though, Howse is 22 and from Rhode Island.) Hear it, here:

Howse’s Lay Hollow EP is out 5/28 via Tri Angle.

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