Arcade Fire Not Scoring The Box, Enjoying Wolf Parade

Arcade Fire Not Scoring The Box, Enjoying Wolf Parade

Our pals at Videogum commented on P4K’s report that Arcade Fire are soundtracking Donnie Darko director Richard Kelly’s new sci-fi horror flick The Box.

Well, now Win Butler’s telling the internet to calm down because it’s not exactly true. Via Win’s Blog:

Hi everyone. Hope you are having a great spring…

[J]ust to let you all know that (internet-based fact checking aside) Arcade Fire is NOT doing the soundtrack to any film. We are all off for the summer, writing songs, reading books, and keeping our plants alive. Regine, Owen Pallet and I may do an instrumental piece or two for Richard Kelly’s new movie…we met at a show this year and hit it off, but we are not planning on doing any major work for a while, and this would not constitute a soundtrack or release.

Can’t wait for all you non-music stealers to hear the new Wolf Parade record, and that Jay Reatard record keeps getting better with every listen!

Hey, non-music stealers, don’t just take Win’s word for it, that new Wolf Parade is good. As is lo-fi guy Jay Reatard. Especially when he’s not punching people.

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