Mount Eerie – “House Shape”

This year Phil Elverum will release two albums as Mount Eerie, his nom de plume since 2004. And they are two perfectly titled albums, too, if you know a thing about Mount Eerie: Up first is Clear Moon, followed soon by Ocean’s Roar. He recorded both in Anacortes, WA, in a studio dubbed “the Unknown,” which was a church until it was “de-sanctified.” This track, “House Shape,” you may recognize from this past year of Phil’s live sets; I do, from his performance in, yes, a church, over this past CMJ. Then Phil did it as a duet with no instrumentation beyond two guitars and his voice, winding and twisting endlessly until the imagistic lyrics and Elverum’s monastic melody seemed to put him, and everyone within earshot, into a sedate, somewhat spiritual reverie. Here in its full realized Clear Moon form, “House Shape” pulses with vintage sounding instruments and a dollop of lo-fi hiss, though as the press materials indicate, this is far from Mount Eerie (or Microphones) older, lower fidelity recordings. The track sits in the middle ground, fidelity wise, and despite its “de-sanctified” recording space, it’s dripping ontology. Listen up, zone out, think about life, feel weird:

And here’s the tracklist, because Phil Elverum tracklists are fun things to read:

01 “Through The Trees pt. 2″
02 “the Place Lives”
03 “the Place I Live”
04 “(something)”
05 “Lone Bell”
06 “House Shape”
07 “Over Dark Water”
08 “(something)”
09 “Clear Moon”
10 “Yawning Sky”
11 “(synthesizer)”

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