Watch Lana Del Rey On American Idol

For the past six months, we’ve been trudging steadily toward this inevitable moment: The one where Lana Del Rey takes the stage on American Idol. Except she didn’t actually appear live on the show; she taped her segment last week, and it aired on last night’s results show. Crafty! Singing “Video Games,” LDR gave another of the stationary, swaying-in-place TV performances that she’s become known for, but she did it with a tad bit more confidence, and her voice sounded relatively strong. Near the end, with confetti falling from the ceiling, she hit something that could plausibly be described as a “high note,” though certainly not the siren-wail that Idol viewers have come to expect. So: pretty good! Watch it below.

(via Popcrush)

I think Simon Cowell could’ve had some nice things to say about that if LDR were a contestant back in the day.