New High Places Video – “I Was Born”

“I Was Born” feels like an especially personal statement from High Places. Mary Pearson loves the bassoon, her primary instrument: She spoke about taking classes and teaching lessons when we did a Quit Your Day Job in early ’08, but this is the first High Places song to feature the instrument. Rob Barber adds a little straight-up guitar, which reminds you he grew up listening to hardcore, punk, and other guitar-based music. Speaking of growing up, the first-person lyrics involve Pearson remembering the day she was born, thinking about being born again, channeling that moment, etc. That, and they self-directed, shot, and edited the beautifully eerie video of themselves alone and washed out in the desert. Adding to the solitary feel, the “I Was Born” single’s out today without a second track, via Thrill Jockey.

(Via P4K)

HP are planning a another new song/video combo and will collect it with “I Was Born” on a 12″ featuring remixes of each track. Look for a new full-length in the spring.

“I Was Born” is out via Thrill Jockey with a very Halloween-y cover:

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