Jay-Z & Alicia Keys Played The World Series

With “Empire State Of Mind” Jay-Z’s cast himself as the Jeter generation’s Billy Joel. His NYC’s all about pills (“MDMA got you feeling like a champion, the city never sleeps, better slip you an Ambien”) and his song might pack a cringey Alicia Keys hook, unless “bright lights will inspire you” will inspire you, but having Jigga open Game 2 of the World Series with this Blueprint 3 track seemed to go over well with the fans (and judging by some faces, even the Phils). There’s some interesting crowd noise when he gets to “I made the Yankees hat more famous than a Yankee can,” but you might have to give him that. Jay-Z rapped it live (check the echoes), Alicia sang it to a backing track (check the not-echoes), and the Yankees won by scoring three points — one for each Blueprint! I am a very big fan of sporting matches!

Game 3 is Saturday night. I’ll be seeing Malkuth, Liturgy, Tara Jane O’Neil, Mount Eerie, Bad Brains, and the Jesus Lizard, so you might have to let me know how it goes. Sports!