Spoon Transference Out In January

Good news: new Spoon album! The band’s typically terrific LP, Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga, came out two years ago, which is a long time to wait for typically terrific LPs. Britt stopped the gap with the Got Nuffin EP and live debuts of new material with dramatic titles like “Is Love Forever?,” “Writing To You In Reverse,” and “Who Backs Your Money.” If you were into those turns, you’ll likely be into Transference: As P4K reports, the forthcoming Spoon album features those aforementioned tracks (some with revised titles) alongside seven more we haven’t even heard yet. Between this and Yeasayer, today’s been a strong downpayment on Q1 2010.

Transference is due 1/26 in North America via Merge and 1/25 in Europe via Anti-. If you’ve been asleep the last 13 years or so, there’s free MP3 from each of Telephono, A Series Of Sneaks, Girls Can Tell, and Kill The Moonlight at spoontheband.com to help you understand why new Spoon album news is good news. After that, have fun imagining the sounds associated with the Transference’s tracklist:

01 “Before Destruction”
02 “Is Love Forever?”
03 “The Mystery Zone”
04 “Who Makes Your Money”
05 “Written In Reverse”
06 “I Saw The Light”
07 “Trouble Comes Running”
08 “Goodnight Laura”
09 “Out Go The Lights”
10 “Got Nuffin”
11 “Nobody Gets Me But You”

Here’s how some of those sound live, titled as they were then. (You can figure out what they’re called now, right? Right.)

Spoon – “Is Love Forever?” (Live) (MP3)
Spoon – “Written In Reverse” (Live) (MP3)
Britt Daniel – “Who Makes Your Money” (Live) (MP3)

A teaser:

[Photo by Autumn de Wilde]

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