New Tough Alliance Video – “Neo Violence”

New Tough Alliance Video – “Neo Violence”

“Neo Violence” is different than “New Violence.” You see, it’s more European. Instead of taking our word for it, check out this video from white-clad Eric Berglund and Henning Fürst, aka Swedish electro-pop duo the Tough Alliance. Fair warning: Baseball bat or no, the only thing tough about “Neo Violence” and the laser-lit, Tron-y Marcus Söderlund-directed clip is making it through without tapping your toe, bobbing your head, or whatever it is you do when you’re at work and feel like dancing but need to keep things under control.


Those columns make us think of Hercules’s Solid Gold and Gomorrah clip for “Blind.” Just less smoky (in various ways), more smiley (in one holographic way), and sans Antony (like Saturday night).

A New Chance is out now on Sincerely Yours in Sweden. It’s due 7/28 in the UK and 9/7 in the US, both via Modular.

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