New Black Hollies Video – “Paisley Pattern Ground”

Upping the incense and peppermint count, psychedelic Jersey City rockers the Black Hollies — featuring ex-Rye Coalition chums Herb Wiley V and Jon Gonnelli on the guitars — find themselves walking on “Paisley Pattern Ground” in this video for the Casting Shadows track. While 3/4 of the band smears through trippy performance footage vocalist/bassist Justin Angelo Morey takes a break here/there to walk through the snow and lip sync red-nosed against the wind, always flanked by two dark-haired lovelies.

What happens to Gonnelli, the second guitarist, after he gives Morey and the ladies some of that acid-laced chewing gum at the beginning of the video? While we try to figure that out, here’s a copy of the song for your paisley-patterned iPod:

The Black Hollies – “Paisley Pattern Ground” (MP3)

Casting Shadows is out via Ernest Jenning.