New Santogold – “Lights Out (Bud Light Remix)”

With her spread out style and numerous monster jams, it’s not easy to understand Santogold’s Commercial Appeal. If it seems like we’re reporting on it every other day, it’s because we practically are; see: the “Creator” spot for Bud Light, the Converse commissioned Casablancas & Pharrell cut). While we’re waiting to hear what the team of Julian, White & Williams came up with, here’s another advertiser-underwritten Santi jam to bide the time, made possible by the coffers of Anheuser-Busch. In its full-flavored form, “Lights Out” is an ’80s new wavey standout on the superbly schizophrenic mixtape that is Santogold. For the King Of Beers (Light), Santi mostly cuts the palm-muted eight-note guitar chug and swaps the synth-styles from the Cars to the Cure. It’s nice. This remix is for you at (Only if you’re 21. Please download responsibly.)

Also, Bud Light’s a creator…

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