New Baby Dee Video – “The Dance Of Diminishing Possibilities” (Stereogum Premiere)

The transgendered cabaret harpist Baby Dee first bleeped on our radar via her associations with David Tibet and Antony a few years back, but it was her third album, Safe Inside The Day that’s resulted in the closest listening. It could be argued that it’s partially because Dee crammed the collection with indie-rock all-star guest spots (Andrew W.K., folks from Antony’s band, etc.) and that Matt Sweeney and Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy produced, but it’s also because it’s her strongest collection from head to toe. It’s appropriately steeped in her Ohioan backdrop. As Baby Dee notes:

I was born in Cleveland Ohio. This album is very much about the street I grew up on. Where The Earlie King ruled without mercy. And Bobby Slot and Freddy Weiss invented the Dance Of Diminishing Possibilities.

In the video for “The Dance Of Diminishing Possibilities,” we get to meet Bobby Slot and Freddy Weiss firsthand as they do damage to a piano in front of a burning-building mural, exercising their special dance, as a little boy experiments with nail polish and a harp.

Did you watch through to the credits? Andrew W.K. on drums, Oldham in the house, Matt S. on just about everything else. The Jim Newberry-directed clip was shot in Chicago in February. Too bad they couldn’t go on location in Cleveland. Otherwise, no complaints.

Safe Inside The Day is out via Drag City.