Dirty Projectors @ Jensen RecCenter, Los Angeles 10/31/09

While you were out drinking as vampire Sarah Palins and slutty John McCains (research for this post conducted in 2008), musicians were celebrating Halloween in myriad ways their own: Phish covered Exile In Main Street in Indio; Titus Andronicus did an all-Weezer set while fending off security at the Vice 15 party in Williamsburg; Monsters Of Folk morphed into KISS; Pearl Jam dressed as Devo and covered “Whip It”; and doubtlessly countless more. Brooklyn’s Dirty Projectors celebrated pumpkin day in Los Angeles with some silly headgear — Longstreth in 10 gallon hat, Nat Baldwin in bozo wig, Angel in some cloth chainmail type thing — but the DPs costume honors go to Amber Coffman who showed them up in Stevie Nicks regalia. The band played the Jensen RecCenter with openers Little Wings, and just today announced a return to Los Angeles to co-headline the Walt Disney Concert Hall with the Los Angeles Philharmonic, who will play selections chosen by Dave before the DPs do a set of their own. That isn’t until February 27th (although tix are on sale 11/14/09); until then, have a pass through Andrew Youssef’s shots.