Cleveland Rocks

The second the game ended last night, Snitch switched all the screens to Karen O. I’m told I missed Jimmy Fallon and Drew Barrymore sharing a long kiss near the pitcher’s mound as the BoSox celebrated. (Months ago, Major League Baseball granted the Farrelly Brothers access to the field seconds after the final out of this World Series so they could film the ending of Fever Pitch, in which Jimmy and Drew star). Jimmy Fallon, must you ruin everything? Anyway, I will never again mention baseball on this site, so if you want to discuss the Series you can do so in the post.

The new Aloha CD Here Comes Everyone is a solid listen start to finish. It’s dense, atmospheric post-rock — a bit proggy, but not overtly challenging — reminiscent of TNT-era Tortoise (lotsa cascading waves of vibraphone) but with vocals. First, a ballad, then a bit more muscle…

02 Aloha – “You’ve Escaped”
12 Aloha – “Goodbye To The Factory”

This is a fantastic album from an underrated band. Go buy it. One of the tracks is called “Water Your Hands,” and that will serve as a horrible segue to…

My friend Lauren has a different complaint to share with me every day. She works really hard, so I’m going to take it upon myself to air her grievances publicly. Feel free to IM Lauren and help us figure out how to keep her properly hydrated.

laur good: what kind of water do you drink all day?
stereogum: tap. though i don’t drink enough actually.
laur good: i’m spending over $400/year on bottled water because our company doesn’t supply us with good water.
stereogum: spin provides its employees with sugar free red bull.
laur good: wow, that’s nice. i want water free. i need to drink at least a liter. i need an ongoing supply.
stereogum: [email protected]
stereogum: he can probably get you some H20. tell him i said hi.
laur good: no. i can’t do that.
stereogum: yes you can.
laur good: no.