Music Go Music – “Warm In The Shadows (Fred Falke Remix)”

We’ve seen Secretly Canadian ABBA enthusiasts Music Go Music do “Warm In The Shadows” on an invented ’70s talk show. This previously unreleased remix by German producer Fred Falke readies the Expressions standout for a different sort of club. We asked MGM’s Kamer Maza about it.

Falke darkens the song. It’s already shadowy, but now it feels icier here, the shadows not so warm. How does the shift change the original’s sentiments?
That’s funny — it seems less dark to me … Fred’s version leans more towards those major chords… I’m not sure how those kind of changes affect the story. It seems to draw more attention to the choruses, and make them seem more like catharsis than resignation. This song is more emotionally ambiguous than the others on the record (at least to me) so it is more reliant on the tone of the music to push it one way or the other.

There’s also a radio edit. Will this remix be popping up in the clubs?
It would be rad — I don’t know if it will or not. We’ve never really done club-worthy stuff before, so it would be cool to see it happen. I really like what Fred did with it — it’s pretty different from the original but it still makes sense and works together really well.