Morrissey Hearts Jon Stewart

First, the post from, then the story behind his shirt…

“With all my heart I urge people to vote against George Bush. Jon Stewart would be ideal, but John Kerry is the logical and sane move. It does not need to be said yet again, but Bush has single-handedly turned the United States into the most neurotic and terror-obsessed country on the planet. For non-Americans, the United States is suddenly not a very nice place to visit because US immigration officers ? under the rules of Bush ? now conduct themselves with all the charm and unanswerable indignation of Hitler?s SS. Please bring sanity and intelligence back to the United States. Don?t forget to vote. Vote for John Kerry and get rid of George Bush!”
– Morrissey, 10/27/04

Here, via e-mail, is the great backstory from the shirt designer, April Hornbuckle

“i spent this past october going to nine morrissey shows. at the first six he always said something about his love for jon stewart/the petition he was starting to get jon stewart on the ballot/how jon stewart would make the best president/etc. during the show, so when i won a contest run by an atlanta radio station to attend a ‘meet and greet’ before the show here, i decided to design and screen him some jon stewart shirts he might like and possibly wear on stage. well, i did, and he’s worn it on his official site! i know it’s a small and seemingly insignificant thing, but morrissey wearing something i actually made myself and gave to him has made my year. (for proof that i actually did make this, here’s a picture of me wearing one of the shirts i kind of messed up on.”

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