Death Cab Were On Gossip Girl Last Night?

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By Chris Walla
I keep hearing about this Gossip Girl. There’s this one picture of her with her and her hot friends, spread out like margarine all over a Lincoln Town Car. Are they going to dinner? What’s on the stereo while they drive? Is it our band? What world could I possibly be living in?

That guy sitting in the back seat of the town car — he’s the one I don’t trust. I think he should go.

My friend Nick is a really good actor, he’s got some stuff going on in Hollywood — you know, connected to some big people at small studios.

I’m pretty much convinced he should be the one on the arm of the cute girl in the black dress on the right, Gossip Girl Associate 1. I wonder what her name is on the show? Actually, I’m just going to name them all now. From left to right: Shane Carroll (on trunk); Mindy McGarry (suggestive hand on thigh); Simon Jarrett (bowtie, on roof); Todd Stanford (backseat — we’ve already discussed this.); Carrie Wright (red dress, on the roof); and Kat Branson (cute black dress, presumably the trusty sidekick).

I can’t wait to see this show. Maybe I’ll watch with the volume down and listen to In Rainbows … Feeding two birds with one seed.