Sounds From The Anthology Archives Rolls A Big Fatty

The dozen songs on the Sounds From The Anthology Archives digital compilation are each excellent in their own, often hazed-out way. The collection’s a mix of rare material that spans the ’60s to the ’80s and includes Karen Dalton, Betty Davis, Swedish garage rockers the Stomachmouths, Peruvian crew Telegraph Avenue (who turn in the wide-eyed, zoned-out awesome “Happy”), Indianapolis psych band Anonymous, Father Yod’s Ya Ho Wha 13, etc. It exists to announce the Live + Archival series, a collaboration between the digital reissue label Anthology Archives and American Apparel’s Viva Radio. We’re told the series will be “a group of hand picked, exclusive releases culled from unreleased, live, demo and b-side material – all unattainable, until now.” The first releases a Fifty Foot Hose live set and a collection of previously unreleased demos/live material from Simply Saucer. (Anthology also does a video series along the same lines. The first thing they put up is an interview with Linda Perhacs that focuses on Parallellograms LP.) Before jumping into all of that, though, here’s the opening track from the Sounds comp, Bill Quick’s “Take Me Away.” As they tell us in the liner notes:

Spaniard Bill Quick released the ultra-rare Maravillosa Gente in 1972, an amalgam of psychedelic pop and folk. The sun-baked album was virtually unheard outside the Spanish psych scene, but has slowly gained the popularity it deserves.

Bill Quick – “Take Me Away” (MP3)

You can get a copy of Sounds From The Anthology Archives with purchases of one of two limited-edition American Apparel t-shirts referencing Betty Davis and Father Yod. The comp/t-shirt comes with photos, descriptions of all the artist, etc. The folks from Anthology are also doing a weekly Viva Radio show. You can dig into more archival releases at Anthology. Here’s the aforementioned “Happy” a few years after 1969: