The Hold Steady Unveil Stay Positive Album Art

Yesterday guest blogger Chris Walla posted up the Hold Steady’s new Ben Nichols-backed track “Sequestered In Memphis.” The song has a different vibe (and more horns) than the live take of Stay Positive’s 7 Seconds and Youth Of Today-referencing title track, but we’ve seen the tracklist, and know there are nine more to unpack, so it’s all still a crap shoot. For now, we do know what the album cover looks like, at least.

With Craig’s mention of a D.C.-hardcore influence and “Stay Positive”‘s shouts to Ray Cappo and Kevin Seconds’ crews, this is not at all what we were expecting. But it is very brown, and that infinity/positive symbol is like an updated version of wearing an “X” on your hand … for folks who drink.

Stay Positive is out 7/14 in the UK via Rough Trade and 7/15 in the US via Vagrant.