Rivers Cuomo Is Still Writing A Song On YouTube

As you may have heard, Rivers Cuomo is asking for your help in writing a new song. RC started out telling us it should be “fun” as well as “poppy” and “tough,” then folks suggested titles. “’80s Radio” won. If you’re new to the game, we’re currently on “Step 10″ or “Bridge Lyrics.” Before you dive in, a couple things. First, please note that his speaking voice is much different than his singing voice. Also, as Rivers warns us, “Don’t try to be a William Shakspeare,” just let the good times roll.

That’s actually not bad. At all. In fact, it’s good! Judging from some of Red’s stinkers, maybe he should always approach songwriting this way. Anyway, Rivers, here’s your new favorite muxtape.

Weezer’s next one is out 6/3 via Interscope. Is it too late to add “’80s Radio” to it?