Love Is All Cover Prince, Watch Dude Masturbate With Magazine

Swedish post-punks Love Is All affix their implacable stamp onto the Purple One’s “Darling Nikki” here, shifting the P.O.V. to female, ramshackling and distorting the structure. The result? It sounds a lot like Love Is All doing “Darling Nikki,” though with a bit of Tony Basil in Josephine’s spastic shouts. You can listen at MySacee (via GvB). Fun, but not as great as P’s “Creep.”) It’s one-fifth of their new five-song covers EP, for which they’ve unveiled some details:

good morning,

in a bit of a rush as we’re about to head off to SGS for that radio session we’re recording today, and then home and pack and then, early tomorrow, off to london.
besides the usual stuff like toothbrushes and clean socks we’re also brining a small bunch of cdrs. these very special cds have nice (and kind of hilarious) hand printed sleeves and contain five covers recorded live by love is all in our rehearsing space.
the idea behind this was that each member got to pick a song they wanted the band to cover and no other member got to protest or object.
these are the songs we picked:

1. kung-fu on the internet by lung leg (picked by josephine)
2. i ran by a flock of seagulls (picked by åke)
3. so far away by dire straits (picked by johan)
4. fucking hell (we’re actually not sure about the title of this song) by jed dmochowski (picked by markus)
5. darling nikki by prince (picked by nicke)

Nice how tracks two and three combine to echo one another. That’s what we call hot sequencing, Love Is All.

[Photo by Wyatt Cusick]