New Music Go Music – “Light Of Love”

There’s definitely some ABBA here — which the press release notes, along with ELO — but also something that rings more new age-y and cultish, like fellow Los Angeles SC crew, Bodies Of Water, and not just because of all the air-brushed sci-fi art at their MySpace (though we do love that shit). Fronted by Gala Bell — no relation to Olga — Music Go Music also make like a disco-ready Karen Carpenter on “Light Of Love,” the song spinning on the band’s Secretly Canadian 12″ debut. High schoolers, make sure to request this one at the prom.

Music Go Music – “Light Of Love” (MP3)

“Light Of Love” is the first of a series of three vinyl-only MGM 12″‘s. For now, the “Light Of Love” 12″ is out on Secretly Canadian. Hear more, and make sure to check the airbrushed art, at their aforementioned MySpace.