DJ/ Rupture & Brent Arnold Remix Yeasayer (Stereogum Premiere)

Last Friday, Yeasayer offered the first drop from their forthcoming Odd Blood LP in the form of “Ambling Alp,” a chirping and fuzzing, horned and harmonized left-field upper that’s as polyrhythmic and propulsive as it is poppy. Maybe you could even classify it as some jubilant strain of modern art-pop (you definitely could at least for the five minutes they played it at the Guggenheim that night). As reported, the single’s proper 12″ release will come with two remixes, one by chillwave valedictorian Memory Tapes, and then this one, by NYC turntablist Jace Clayton (aka DJ /rupture) & Brent Arnold. There are errant bits of IDM that introduce and segue throughout Yeasayer’s original, and they’re somewhat present in this remix, but otherwise /rupture and Arnold have no interest in “Alp”‘s native mood, shifting the track to a dank ragga dungeon where those same chirps and fuzzes are agents of anxiety, rather than blippy signposts along the way to happy-times harmonies. This is your Yeasayer feeling sort of uneasy about taking all those club-kid drugs.

Odd Blood is out 2/9 via Secretly Canadian. You can purchase the “Ambling Alp” 12″ vinyl, which features the original and both remixes, and other such goods at