Drake – “Take Care” & “HYFR” Videos

Perhaps because of some unexplained hatred for music bloggers, Drake picked Friday night to release two videos for singles from Take Care, Stereogum’s second-favorite album of 2011. The album’s Rihanna duet title track is an emotively clubby Jamie xx-produced track, a reworking of one of his Gil Scott-Heron remixes, and its video is a sparse, arty affair. Director Yoann Lemoine (otherwise known as Woodkid) intersperses shots of Drake and Rihanna in what looks like an endless hug with slow-motion footage of blue jays, wild yaks, snow-capped mountains, forests on fire, and other things that, as far as I can tell, have nothing to do with anything.

Meanwhile, director Joseph Labisi’s video for the Lil Wayne collab “HYFR” is a complete 180 from the other one and a ridiculous amount of fun. It follows what happens when Drake decides to get re-Bar Mitzvahed, which I didn’t even know was a thing, and the guests — which include Wayne, Birdman, Trey Songz, and DJ Khaled — get memorably drunk at the reception. Lil Wayne wears a panda mask and the worst suit I have ever seen in my life. It makes me want to look into getting my re-First Communion or something. Watch both videos below.

“Take Care” (Feat. Rihanna)

“HYFR” (Feat. Lil Wayne)

Take Care is out via Cash Money.