Ashlee On 60 Minutes, Eminem On Saturday Night Sorta Live

Was Eminem’s performance on Saturday Night Live a bit shady? He utilized a backing track; you could hear two Ems rapping during “Mosh.” Then, about two and half minutes into the anti-Bush tirade, he lowered the mic from his mouth and momentarily stopped rapping, but the vocals continued. I’m betting Eminem drew attention to it intentionally just to fuck with everyone. Or to show solidarity with Ashlee Simpson (awww, sweet). Because Eminem’s talented, I assume you’ll let it slide.

Horatio Sanz as cranky Elton John (who recently said at the Q Awards “Anyone who lip-synchs … should be shot”) closed Weekend Update with a tune about Ashlee (sung to “Tiny Dancer”)…

She came on this show,
started lip-synching
and blamed it on her band.
It wasn’t cool now
to blame those poor dudes
It’s bad enough to have to play in your band.

The following day, 60 Minutes (!) ran a segment about Ashleegate’s impact on Lorne Michaels’ long-running live comedy program. Leslie Stahl witnessed the Jude Law episode rehearsals: after Ash performed, she ran past Leslie in tears, upset about her performance/acid reflux.

Lorne Michaels told 60 Minutes he didn’t know Ashlee was planning to lip-synch, and that the only lip-synching in SNL history has been “during dance breaks … if it’s all about dance, and that’s a relatively recent phenomenon.”

Click here to watch the 60 Minutes segment (Real).

Bush, Kerry, and Andy Rooney have yet to weigh in. But NY Times says there’s nothing worse than a rockist.

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