Damon Albarn Shares Bleak Prospects For Blur, Gorillaz

Damon Albarn is always working on about 15 different projects at the same time, but those of us who write about him still refer to him as “Blur/Gorillaz frontman.” Now, though, we may have to tack the word “former” onto the beginning of that phrase. In a recent profile in The Guardian, Albarn claims that the prospects for future music from his two most successful groups are dim indeed.

On Blur, Albarn, when discussing the band’s (awesome) new song “Under The Westway,” says, “We recorded it live, one take. It’s the first Blur song where it’s been one take, because previously I never finished the lyrics before we recorded. This time, I’d done that, so we were actually able to perform it. Which is quite nice, because I don’t really see any more recordings after this. So it’s nice to have finally done one song where we did it properly.”

When pressed on Blur’s future, Albarn says “I don’t think so” to the question of any more Blur music. The band has a big show coming up on 8/12 in London’s Hyde Park as part of the Olympics closing festivities, and Albarn says that they’re “not really” going to play any more shows after that. He does, however, have nice things to say about his creative partnership with prodigal Blur co-leader Graham Coxon, so it could be a bit more likely that those two will make some music together sometime soon.

As for the Gorillaz, Albarn seems to have fallen out with artist Jamie Hewlett, the group’s co-creator. Answering a question of whether the two of them fell out, Albarn says, “Erm… well, that sounds very juvenile, doesn’t it? But being juvenile about it, it happens. It’s a shame.” Sounds like a yes!

Albarn also calls more Gorillaz music “unlikely,” and when answering the question of whether they’re finished, Albarn says, “Jamie does, which is fair enough. I think we were at cross purposes somewhat on that last record, which is a shame. So until a time comes when that knot has been untied…” He also says that the videos and the music for Plastic Beach “weren’t working as well together.”

Albarn, of course, is being purposefully vague with all this stuff, and there’s every chance that he’ll return to either or both of these projects if and when the stars align right. For the foreseeable future, though it looks like we’ll have to make do with his many, many side projects. Read the full story here.