New Clientele – “Share The Night”

The Clientele have added a song from their new That Night, A Forest Grew EP at the MySpace. As their official note reads:

We have added the new song “Share the Night” to our player. This will be released this summer by Acuarela Records of Madrid along with three other songs under the title “That Night, A Forest Grew”. Exact release date when we know it.

Lots of love
The Clientele

“Share The Night” also comes sealed with “lots of love,” a sexy booty-call funk strum pattern that seems out-of-place at first. Once Alasdair Maclean starts singing about “sycamore leaves, the sycamore trees”? You know you’re home. Hear it.

As the Clientele mention, That Night, a Forest Grew is forthcoming via Acuarela.