Indie Rock Trivia W/ Zach Galifianakis & Les Savy Fav @ Highline Ballroom, NYC 5/21/08

Pants were optional at last night’s New York x New York indie rock trivia event, NY Mag’s first of the year and latest in a series that’s included karaoke with Michael Showalter and of Montreal, dinner with Man Man, and an art auction with Zach Galifianakis and Band Of Horses. Zach was again master of ceremonies and one-liners. Les Savy Fav were masters of costume changes. Trivia came in mutliple rounds, titled “’90s Indie Rock,” “NYC Indie Rock,” and “Round Three.” They weren’t hard. (“Which baby-faced band of Columbia grads recently played Satuday Night Live?,” identify this album cover, etc.) There was also a highly unfortunate final round of “Kanye Or Nay,” in which we were asked to perform the indie rock task of determining whether recited lyrics belonged to Kanye. Or, nay. That aside, Zach did a good job, being generally Galifianakis-y and showing off his “marijuana Santa Claus” coif:

If you were at the Band Of Horses thing you had heard most of those jokes, but quips about how Williamsburg sucks is a good way to get a self-effacing chuckle from a room of vodka fed hipsters. NY Mag also unveiled a short in which Zach interviewed Michael Showalter, cast as “the most indie rocker of our time.” Les Savy Fav were, of course, the performance-art punkers you know them to be. Tim cycled through a few characters last night: Pervy elementary school teacher hosting an uncomfortably sexualized class reunion, penis-light toter, Slim Goodbody. What the world needs is another Les Savy Fav photo spread, so here you go. Also, it is true: our team (including Jason, Hal, Britney, and Elizabeth) won indie rock trivia. We have split the stack of so much money accordingly and are all hereby retiring from blogging. It’s been fun, guys.