Jay-Z Joins U2 In Berlin

In conjunction with yesterday’s 16th annual European Music Awards, MTV set up a special, free U2 concert at the Brandenburg Gate to celebrate the 20th anniversary of tearing down the Berlin Wall. And in order to secure the premises or whatever, MTV set up a special Berlin wall of their own, a metal barricade that ran the perimeter of the concert grounds and kept out people who hadn’t registered online for a free ticket. A wall keeping people out from freedom? Yes, irony and outrage galore. But those that were lucky enough to be on the right side of the wall were treated to a six-song set of U2’s classics, kicking off with Bono yelling “Berlin, Du bist wunderbar!” (Berlin, you are wonderful!)(better than calling yourself a jelly donut) and highlighting with Jay-Z joining the band on “Sunday Bloody Sunday.” It’s not the first time he’s rapped over the song (that’d be at last year’s Glasto), but now you can see it happen live, all the principals in place and filmed all nice and MTV-like:

For those that see these awards as the commemoration of aesthetic merit and not an incentive to have major stars participate in the proceedings for ratings: U2 won Best Live Act, Jay-Z won Best Urban Act, and Beyonce won Best Song, Best Video, and Best Female.

U2’s setlist (via NME):

01 “One”
02 “Magnificent”
03 “Sunday, Bloody Sunday”
04 “Beautiful Day’ with Jay-Z”
05 “Vertigo”
06 “Moment Of Surrender”

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