Madonna Scores Biggest Drop In Chart History

Schadenfreude alert! Madonna’s unfortunate new club-pop album MDNA, which has been marketed about as hard as an album could possibly be marketed, has now scored the biggest second-week drop in sales in all of Soundscan history. Last week, the album sold about 359,000 copies — a healthy number, and good enough to land it as #1. As it turns out, though, those numbers were greatly inflated because many of those sales came as giveaways with a live-ticket package. This week, the album sold 46,000 copes, an 88% drop. And if Madonna hadn’t inflated her sales with those concert-ticket packages, it turns out that she would’ve lost the number #1 last week to Lionel Richie’s Tuskegee, of all things. Check out the Forbes report.

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