New Bodies Of Water – “Under The Pines”

Back in the day, Siltbreeze released Philly crew Strapping Fieldhands awesome In The Pineys EP. The new track from Bodies Of Water places the listener in the pines, too, which immediately conjured the older platter, though BoW bring a West coast prog-gospel vibe to the picnic. Which is familiar, yes, because that’s what the hard working quartet did so well on the self-released Ears Will Pop & Eyes Will Blink, but there are differences: The sound’s denser, a bit darker and heavier, and they allow more space between the vocal harmonies for the backing sounds to really sink into your cranium. “Under The Pines” is all we’ve heard from the forthcoming sophomore album/Secretly Canadian debut A Certain Feeling, and it has us very excited for what’s still to come.

Bodies Of Water – “Under The Pines” (MP3)

That’s a great guitar sound. Like the last one, A Certain Feeling was written and recorded in David and Meredith Metcalf’s crib. So fitting, because they still feel like a timeless, insular cult in a good California way — and not just because of the yellow digs Meredith wore in that Take-Away Show. Though it helped.

A Certain Feeling is out 7/22 via Secretly Canadian.

As a special pine-related Memorial Day flashback bonus, Siltbreeze had “In The Pineys” up for download, so let’s pretend it’s 1995 again:

Strapping Fieldhands – “In The Pineys” (MP3)

[Photo by Laura Heffington]