Death Cab Hit Kimmel With Promises Of Heart Possession

This past few weeks we’ve seen Death Cab fully emerge from their heartfelt cocoon of indie emotion and become a full-fledged multimedia/chart-topping behemoth. They’ve got America’s #1 album, they killed it on Letterman, they popped up in Gossip Girl, did the Coachella thing, the Daytrotter thing, Black Cab thing, and turned in an honest day’s blogging. Shit now Walla’s even writing op-eds on political primaries. Clearly we’ve created a monster. So what could possibly be left? More late night performances! This time it’s for the benefit of Jimmy Kimmel’s midnight show, which has the added benefit of feeling like a true and proper concert.

Nothing says “true and proper concert” than an air-drumming lip syncer first row, yes? Ben and Jason’s nearly matching plaid & glasses = pretty cute. Walla, looking the part of the diplomat, yes. And Nick, for as much as we are loving the Galifianakis facial hair, after we’ve been hipped to this…

…how could we ask for anything else?

Narrow Stairs is out via Atlantic.